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Safety Razor Stand

Safety Razor Stand

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Made from bamboo, and designed to match any of the different handle colours and sizes of bamboo safety razor from Jungle Culture these are brilliant for keeping your razor upright and out of any water.


What makes this a great eco swap?

Whilst safety razors are designed to last a very long time, even a lifetime, there's some things that e can do to help prolong that life and keep them in tip top condition meaning they don't need replacing and so saving us money and stopping another razor from needing to be produced. Keeping the blade and head out of any water like this stand does helps to halt any corrosion from happening that might affect the quality of your shave.


Who are Jungle Culture?

Jungle Culture started out life as Jungle Straws, doing what they could to combat plastic straw useage, and it was through the bamboo trade links they forged then that led them to expand their range and fight against so much single-use plastic and other unnessessary waste, creating a shaving range, a series of beautiful bowls and homewares and much more.

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