Bulk Refills For Your Business

Hello there! I’m Tim and I run My Carbon Coach, the sustainable living shop and refillery in Taunton. I just wanted to see if I could help you reduce some single-use plastic from your awesome business, and give your sustainability policy a lovely boost by switching to a circular system of 5L refill bottles!

I can supply you with 5 litre bottles of toiletries and household liquids from toilet cleaner to washing up liquid, shampoos to hand wash, in a variety of scents.

Those large plastic bottles can be returned to myself once they’re empty. I return them to Miniml to be washed, refilled and put back out into circulation meaning there is very little waste from the system!

Whether you want to use a pump straight from the large bottle, a great option for floor cleaner, or if you want to decant into more versatile smaller bottles the choice is yours! Buying in bulk saves you time and money, helps save the planet, and means you can keep things topped up easily.

Swapping out your single-use options for simple refillable alternatives is a great win for scope 3 of your carbon footprint, something that is becoming more and more relevant for businesses of all sizes.

You have less recycling waste to worry about, never have to worry about running out of the essentials, and you know that there’s no harmful chemicals or nasties to worry about.

f you’re interested in making a switch please do get in touch and we can work out the best, cheapest and easiest solution to your needs. Reducing single-use plastic, avoiding harmful chemicals and helping the planet one refill at a time!

All the best, Tim