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Razor Blade Disposal Tin

Razor Blade Disposal Tin

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A really handy metal tin with a slot in the top and a removable bottom for stashing away all of your used safety razor blades. It keeps them all in one place so you're not dealing with putting individual blades in the bin which could be unsafe.


What makes this a great eco swap?

Switching to safety blades means that there's no plastic composite cartridges to deal with, just a (usually) stainless steel blade which while finished with could still be hazardous. So rather than wrapping up individual blades in tissue or tape or anything like that you can store them all up over time and then dispose of them all in one go at your local council recycling centre.


Who are Jungle Culture?

Jungle Culture started out life as Jungle Straws, doing what they could to combat plastic straw useage, and it was through the bamboo trade links they forged then that led them to expand their range and fight against so much single-use plastic and other unnessessary waste, creating a shaving range, a series of beautiful bowls and homewares and much more.

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